Poly Furniture Questions and Answers




Classic Adirondack Chair






Is there any maintenance needed with poly furniture?
No, poly lumber is maintenance free and will not peel, crack, or splinter.

How do I clean the poly material?
Mild soap and water will work fine.

What recycled material is used to make this poly furniture?
Poly lumber is made by recycling milk jugs and other food-grade plastic, thus turning an enviromental problem into a very useful product.

Is there a warranty with your poly furniture?
Yes, we offer a full two-year warranty on our furniture. We reserve the right to replace the warranted part—whether a full piece of furniture or a specific part (an arm for example).

What type of hardware is used in your poly furniture?
We use high quality stainless steel bolts and screws that will not rust and cause stains on your furniture.

Do I need to put my poly furniture inside for the winter?
No, this product will withstand very harsh weather and remain uneffected.

Will it withstand the harsh ocean spray along the beach?
Yes, it will do very well on the beach and serve you well for many years.