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About Quality Built Lawn Furniture, LLC

Learn how the Hostetler family began building quality poly furniture in 1994 and the values their business continues to thrive on today.


- The crew on our oldest sons wedding day!  -

Quality Built Lawn Furniture, LLC. is a family-owned business in south-western Wisconsin. God has blessed our family with seven boys and two girls. We are a homeschooling family and enjoy learning and working together as a family. In the past, we hired some help in the shop, but our family has grown and now our two oldest sons are right-hand men in the family business.

We began our furniture business in 1994, building wooden outdoor furniture in an old barn. As time went on the market opened up for a more environmentally-friendly product. In 2002 we began building poly furniture. Later we added an addition to the barn, and eventually tore down the old barn and replaced it with a new building.

We build outdoor poly furniture with the finest recycled lumber available—furniture-grade, high density polyethylene. Our poly furniture does well in any climate. UV inhibitors and colorants keep it from fading or changing colors, so you never need to paint or stain it. This poly furniture is easy to clean with soap and water. The lumber is resistant to fungi and will not crack, swell, or rot.

Our poly furniture is made out of recycled milk jugs. We enjoy building a durable, maintenance-free product with junk that would otherwise find its way into already overflowing landfills throughout our beautiful country.

Your satisfaction is vitally important to us, and we work hard to build a quality product at a reasonable cost. We do our best to get orders built and delivered as quickly as possible.

We also spend a lot of time and energy working with Gospel to Haiti, a Christian mission dedicated to taking aid and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in Haiti. Various members of our family have frequently traveled to Haiti, ministering to the needs of extremely poor and needy people in Haiti. In September 2008 after three hurricanes destroyed and damaged many of their homes, our oldest son spent over two weeks helping to rebuild homes and a school roof there. For more information on how you could help out some of the neediest people in the world, visit www.gospeltohaiti.org.